God created us free. We got all the precious things of life as free gifts. That list includes light, heat, air, water and even food and shelter. And we keep on finding out wonderful ways to 'add' value to all those free things. Now they all come with price tags attached. It is an impossible dream to turn away from everything commercial. But some simple logical alternatives can bring us close to that dream.


Many people around the world are fighting against the problem of "manufactured demand"; a bogus demand created by manufacturers by filling up our brains with lies and false sense of quality. Watch the video from The Story Stuff Initiative to understand the meaning of manufactured demand. Here the story is about bottled water. But story does not end there. Almost 90 percent of the products we buy are generated by manufactured demand.



A change is possible only when we decide to make that change happen. Small decisions when taken collectively can bring things under control. Home made water purifiers or vertical farming or simple living will not alter the course of history overnight. But you will stop being part of a harsh commercial system that pushes the poor over the edge.


Accounting is easy and interesting when we make good use of technology. Here is an opportunity to study in a web class of an expert teacher. It can even come FREE for a few deserving students.

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Ultra Filter Water Purifiers

These are very effective four stage water purifiers that gives pure clean crystal drinking water.

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