Gel Irrigation - easy way to healthy garden

Gardening is a graceful activity when we do it right. Irrigation is one area where most people fail. It is a constant responsibility. Over-watering can kill a plant same way as under-watering. Plants that were very beautiful at the nursery start showing signs of fatigue at home in spite of all the care you give. Many new gardeners give up after a few months.

Once we solve the watering problem, gardening becomes real fun. Everything else is easy to manage. Precision systems with drip irrigation or hydroponics work very well in a large scale garden. But they are not practical for a housewife who loves to have just a few vegetables and flowering plants around the house.

Water gel is a gardener's dream come true. It is potassium based polymer that looks like sugar crystals. Potassium (K) is a fully bio-degradable, safe material; in fact it is an ingredient of popular NPK fertilizer. Just add a few grams of this wonder granules to your potting mix and the watering problem is solved for next five to eight years.

Water Gel Advantages

    # Easy to start, no water pump, no irrigation installations

    # Earth friendly material; unlike Sodium (Na) based 'look alike' polymer 

    # No need of watering at regular intervals; just do it any time

    # Less evaporation loss as water is not exposed to direct sunlight

    # Very little water is lost by draining out

    # Prevents hardening of soil; it saves a lot of work; easy root growth in soft soil

    # Cost almost nothing; just one teaspoon is enough for a plant for more than five years

How to Use

There are no strict rules to follow. You can add it dry or soaked. If you are filling a new container it is better to use in gel form. Add one teaspoon of crystals to one liter water and wait half an hour to form the gel. Mix this gel with three liters of potting soil and fill the container. If you are using it for an existing plant, better add it dry. Use an old ball pen to dig several holes of about three inches deep. Drop a pinch of granules in to each one of them. Fill the hole and add water. Remember, one teaspoon of granules will expand to one liter in size. 

How to buy

Easy. We are selling it in 100 gram packets at Rs.100 per packet. This is enough for about 20 plants. Delivery by post will cost extra Rs.50 up to 500 grams; that is Rs.100+50 for 100 grams; Rs.200+50 for 200 grams and so on. You can call the number below, whatsapp the address and quantity required. We will send the material by VPP.